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The Benefits of CMA.


It is a proven fact that exposure to and participation in musical activities greatly benefits the development of a child. It is well known that babies can hear and respond to sound and music in the womb. From birth onwards CMA is able to take children on the great adventure that is the world of music. Not only is this adventure fun, engaging, emotive and exciting it also offers a whole range of benefits for each and every child. Whether as a one off workshop or a more regular activity, interaction with music aids a child's development both physiologically and psychologically  in the following areas


  • Development of imagination

  • Improvement in Social Skills and team work

  • Healthy development between children and their caregivers

  • Development of literacy skills

  • Development of self esteem and self confidence

  • Development of communication skills, both speaking and listening,

  • Development of concentration and creative thinking.

Children's Musical Adventures was created by a family for families. As the parents of three beautiful children, Hannah and Patrick King developed a new found respect for the impact music has on children from the earliest moments of life. Every child regardless of gender, sex, ethnic background or religion should be entitled to the best education and every education should include music.They also became aware that their simply weren't enough interactive classical concerts that children and their families would feel comfortable in attending. They made it their mission to bring the highest quality musical experiences to children in both concert and workshop settings, to enrich and entertain and to take families on adventures using the power of music. 

The ethos of CMA is based upon an overwhelming respect for the power of music and a strong belief in the

positive impact this can bring to children’s lives.

Meet Our Team 

Patrick King

Artistic Director

Owen Gunnell

Artistic Director

Hannah King
Managing Director
Lizi Muirhead

Educational Adviser